Who instructs you?

  • Family, County, Magistrates and Crown Courts, Solicitors, Prison & Probation Services, NHS Trusts and Social Services, Court of Protection, High Court, Appeal Court and the NHS Litigation Authority.

What sorts of questions do you answer?

  • As Psychologists, we will answer any questions regarding psychological issues.
  • Click here to download a list of typical questions

Do you only take referrals from solicitors in your local area?

  • No, we accept referrals nationally.

What type of client do you see?

  • Parents involved in care proceedings as a result of abuse/neglect/deprivation.
  • Mental health patients applying for tribunals.
  • Lifers/long term offenders applying for parole.
  • Cognitively impaired clients to assess their risk to the community.
  • Applicants for political asylum and compensation for traumatic injury, to assess malingering.
  • People from different ethnic backgrounds requiring culturally and gender sensitve psychological assessment and/ or treatment

What do you do?

  • Prepare psychology reports, which include personal history, clinical interview and psychometric testing.
  • Work with staff to enable them to manage the risks their clients present.
  • Devise & support systemic, organisational approaches to risk management for individuals & organisations.
  • Offer treatment.

Where do you see clients?

  • We can either travel to see clients in their local area or at our clinic.

When can you start and how long does it take?

  • We can give a reliable and realistic start date when we receive an initial enquiry, which is valid for two weeks. Normally a report would be completed within eight weeks of the start date. We can on occasion meet shorter deadlines but current workloads and Court commitments prevail. We prefer to give a realistic timescale so that Court timetabling is not affected.

Can I have a C.V.?

  • Yes of course. Either download by using the links on our picture above or contact our Practice Manager.

Whom do I contact about my requirements?

  • The Admin Team on 0121 354 6784.

Can I instruct a named individual?

  • Yes.

If I have any further questions, whom do I contact?

  • The Admin Team on 0121 354 6784.