Our Team  consists of:

Partners, Practioners, Associate Practioners, Administrators and Placement Students.

Individuals can be found in the categories below.

Roger Hutchinson

Prof. Leam Craig

Ian Stringer

Kathryn Hayward (Assistant Psychologist)
Dr. Jamie Yapp

Dr. Vicki Hall (Neuro-Psychologist)

Preeti Chauhan (Traineee Counselling Psychologist)

Katarzyna Wawer Dziedziak (Informacje w jezyku polskim – for Polish Speakers)

Joanne Davidson (Administration Manager)

Marie Garbett (Contracts Manager)

Elaine Simpson (Finance Manager)

Lianne Beadsmoore (MSc Student at Nottingham University)

Grace Trundle (BSc Student at Aston University)

Aileen Meier (BSc Student at Berlin University)